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Activities and Events

At Holme Manor, our highly experienced and qualified Activity Coordinator plans daily activities and events from recreational and creative activities and we understand all our residents are all individuals and therefore they participate in the activities as they wish to and we also encourage family and friends to become involved to enrich these experiences for our residents.

These activities include arts and craft sessions, ipads, exercises, games, one to one, film afternoons, bingo, cooking, entertainers and much much more. All our activities are devised to meet the personal needs of our residents.

We are very involved with the community our Activities Coordinator is on the Committee for Dementia Friendly Rossendale, running the Activities Forum for East Lancs Care Homes, Cotton Shed Theatre Company, DFR Flower Arranging and many more.

Lavender Bags

Lavender Bags

Fabric pieces
Lavender organza bags

Cut your fabric into a square or any shape you wish. Hand sew or machine sew leaving an opening to add the stuffing.

Once all sewn add some stuffing and then a lavender satchet and more stuffing. You can make this very firm or soft all your choice.

Sew up the gap and the sew on ribbons and add buttons etc.

Hang on wardrobes or drawers to smell the lovely lavender.

This is a great activity to use up all sorts of odds and ends.

July/August 2019

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Lavender Bags Lavender Bags
Light up Bottles

Light up Bottles

You will need:-
Old bottles any size but wine bottles are easier to find lights for
transfers and stickers
lights on a string

Make sure the bottles/jars are clean and all labels removed.

Decorate with your transfers and stickers.

Add lights into the bottle.

That's it so easy but very effective.

enjoy them and batteries are easily replaced.

June 2019

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Light up Bottles
Autumn Craft

Autumn Craft


Paint various colours
paint pots
stampers and brushes
black out lining or canvas

Start by organising which paint colours to use and put in your paint pots/dishes.

Cover the table to protect. Lay over a large strip of blackout lining or individual squares.

Arrange the stampers around the canvas and put paint brushes in the pots.

Place a small amount of paint on the stamper and press it down hard onto the blackout lining to leave the image.

Repeat till full and you are happy with the design. Add glitter whilst paint is wet.

Hang as banners or cut out to make a tree.

Have fun.

Oct 18

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Autumn Craft Autumn Craft
Bug Houses and Bird Houses

Bug Houses and Bird Houses

Items needed



Firstly make the bug hotels

Chop the bamboo to the size of your porcelain mugs.

Decorate the mugs using pens and bake in the oven then varnish.

Glue the hessian into the centre of the cup and push in the bamboo so it is full. Hang up in the garden.

To make the bird houses. Chop the corks into slices for the roof. Slice some in half for the sides.

Cut the wood to any size you wish for the base. Start gluing the front and the back first row only then add the sides. Keep building and adding until you are happy with the size. Allow to dry. Add the tiles to the roof pieces allow to dry.

Glue them both together.

Have fun in the garden

July 2018

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Bug Houses and Bird Houses Bug Houses and Bird Houses Bug Houses and Bird Houses

Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog - Feb 2018

We have been working on lots of fabulous chinese new year craft to make Holme Manor very bright and allow us to celebrate this wonderful date February 16th 2018. We have had fortune cookies and lots of great fresh homemade food using our little oven. It has been a very interesting theme for our residents.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone
Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman

Plastic cups
Various Colour Card
Glue Gun

Using your stapler make a large circle with the cups stapling as you go. Then add another layer. Keep going until you get a dome shape. Repeat this and then staple together.

Make a smaller dome for the head and then repeat and staple together.

You then need to then glue the head to the body.

Cut of two eyes a nose and a hat.

Glue or staple these in place.

Decorate with a scarf and anything else you may have.

Insert battery operated lights inside to help bright up your snowman.

you can use white cups but we had lovely blue ones.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Frosty the Snowman
Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors

Our residents are working on lots of wonderful projects at the moment but one that is really lovely is our Fairy Doors!!

These doors are really sweet to decorate and will go into our residents rooms once they are finished.

Using decoupage paper and paint we are making them special and very individual.

Great fun and easy to do.

Hope you like them.

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Fairy Doors Fairy Doors Fairy Doors
Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes

This is a super activity and really is so individual to each resident takes time and one to one but love the outcome for each person.

Shoe Box
Wrapping Paper
Craft items such as feathers, stickers, pom poms, sequins etc

Start by covering the box with your chosen wrapping paper then the fun begins just cover the whole box how you would like. We added special memories in the middle also.

Fill your box with photos, information, special items that you can talk about and really anything that is special to you or the person.

Enjoy doing this activity and taking time with each resident talking and chatting about all sorts of interesting topics.

Happy Memory box making....

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Memory Boxes Memory Boxes
Banner and Collage Work

Banner and Collage Work

Well I found a new material for art this week. Blackout lining. As part of our Memory Box Project we are making a collage and I was introduced to blackout lining. Well its wonderful and I think it is such a great material to use.

We used glitter, stickers, pens, paint and just about anything we could find to be honest to make our squares bright and decorative.

We are going to sew them together to make our banner collage work at the end of the project.

Keep checking for more pictures and updates.

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Banner and Collage Work


We are currently making these twiddlemuffs for our residents but also for donations to the hospice and hospitals. If you do have spare wool, fabric, ribbons, lace etc please leave for Paula in the office it will be greatly used.

You can find the pattern on the display board in Holme Manor and we have copies available or look on

Come and help sew or knit if you have any free time we would love to see you.

More pictures to follow.

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Twiddlemitts Twiddlemitts
Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging

Well I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our flowering arranging session on Tuesday 19th January.

Residents were treated to a special activity taken by Sue and her volunteers and a large amount of wonderful looking flowers.

The residents were helped with cutting the flowers but the arrangements were put together themselves and lovely ribbons added for the finishing touches.

6 very wonderful decorations were made to bright up the dreary weather outside.

We will be doing Easter baskets towards the end of March so watch this space......

Thank you to everyone involved in the session.

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Flower Arranging Flower Arranging
Xmas Craft

Xmas Craft

Well we have been busy since September making our wonderful Christmas table decorations and displays. Very proud of all our residents who helped make them and we all got very hands on and had a great time.

The displays look wonderful and are all hand knitted, crochet and made from clay. Fantastic effort by everyone.

The table decorations look lovely too and are going to be used again and again.

Our xmas trees in the conservatory challenged us a few times but we got there in the end.

Christmas card sessions were really fun and we also managed to get family members involved in making them.

We have been none stop but it is definately worth the effort and time we have put in.

Decorating the biscuits went down a treat and there was not one left at the end of the afternoon.

Lots planned for next year so watch this space!.....

If you have any ideas for us please do not hesitate to tell us and also if you have any spare wool, fabric or craft items please leave them with Paula or in the office.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Xmas Craft Xmas Craft
Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers

Hoola Hoop

Pick your bangle or hoola hoop and choose three colours of wool or two wool and one string.

Cover the bangle or hoola hoop with wool or string making sure you do it very tight so nothing is showing through.

Now take your next colour and thread around the bangle or hoola to make it look like a spiders web. Do the same with your last colour.

Now add to long lengths and add feathers and beads as you like. Tie this around the bottom of the bangle or hoola hoop and there your have it.

Your very own dream catcher.

Enjoy !!!


Sharpes Pens

Firstly print some butterfly pictures onto white sheets of paper. you can have small ones and larger ones. More details and simpler. This is your choice.

Using the sharpes pens colour in the butterfly.

Place an acetate over the top and trace the basic shape.

Now add glitter to the places you wish to highlight.

Cut out the acetate and paper butterfly. Bend back the acetates wings to give a 3D effect. Glue in place adding glitter to the body to cover the glue.

Use to decorate windows. door plaques or a display.

A wonderful activity for all.


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Butterflies Butterflies


Sharpes Pens

Firstly print some butterfly pictures onto white sheets of paper. you can have small ones and larger ones. More details and simpler. This is your choice.

Using the sharpes pens colour in the butterfly.

Place an acetate over the top and trace the basic shape.

Now add glitter to the places you wish to highlight.

Cut out the acetate and paper butterfly. Bend back the acetates wings to give a 3D effect. Glue in place adding glitter to the body to cover the glue.

Use to decorate windows. door plaques or a display.

A wonderful activity for all.


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Panel Pins

Draw a shape onto paper and cut out i.e. heart, flower, circle or anything you wish.

Cover the board with the fabric.

Trace the shape onto the fabric with pencil or chalk.

Using the panel pins follow the shape adding the pins at regular intervals. The closer together the harder it will be to thread the wool.

Once all the pins are in then choose your wool and start to weave in and out, up and down and across your shape.

Once you have a good layer on then push the wool down and continue until you are happy with your design. You can layer colours if you wish.

Once complete add some ribbon to the back of the wood to hand your design up.
April 2014

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Hearts Hearts
Pom Poms

Pom Poms

Well I remember making pom poms as a little girl and enjoying making them. They seem to take forever though and you always struggled passing the wool through the small hole towards the end. Well struggle no more the Pom Pom Makers have arrived. These pom pom makers are so quick and easy that anyone can have a go. We have made some to add to our display for Valentine's Day but we will be using them to add to our door plates very soon.

Pom Pom makers various sizes
Wool variety of colours odd and ends will do

Choose the colour of your wool and tie a loose knot around one side of the arms. See picture below. Keep winding your wool to cover the arms and make it as thick as you wish. The more wool you wind the thicker and fluffier the pom pom.

Repeat on the other arm.

Once this is done you need to cut through the middle of the arms and the wool with spread to either side. Keep this together and do not open the pom pom maker.

Using a piece of wool thread through the middle of the pom pom maker and tie a knot. Pull tight and push the arms of the pom pom make away.

The pom pom will pop out of the maker. Ensure at all times you keep the wool/knot tight.

Trim the pom pom if you wish and there is your finished pom pom. Add glitter or other items if you wish.

Hope you enjoy making them as much as we have.

February 2014

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Pom Poms
Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

Strong black cardboard
Jigsaw pieces
Paint various colours
Sequins & extras

Using a plate as a template draw around and cut out. Leaving a 1inch edge cut the inside of the ring out also so you are left with a wreath shape.

Place glue onto the card and place jigsaw pieces with the picture facing down onto the card. Make sure you use plenty of glue to make them stick. Once you have completed a full round you then need to repeat with a layer of glue on the top and more jigsaw pieces. Again use plenty of glue.

Leave this to dry over night.

Using the paint colour of your choice paint over the jigsaw pieces making sure all the jigsaws pieces are covered. Add glitter whilst the paint is wet.

Again allow to dry.

Now add your extras. You can add what every you want. Sequins, holly, ribbon, beads, shapes this will make your wreath very pretty and stand out.

When this is dry add ribbon to the back and hang on your tree, display or doors.

You can vary the circle as you wish.

You can also use the centre piece you cut out to do the same and make baubles . Just repeat the process as above.

You can also make other decorations using clothes pegs and glueing together and painting and adding glitter.

Using a cone of black card add string and beads to make wonderful Christmas trees.

Enjoy and be creative.

December 2013

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Christmas Wreaths Christmas Wreaths
Rag Rugging

Rag Rugging


Felt or fabric or a mix
Hessian sack cut into squares

Cut all the fabric or felt into strips all the same length etc and place in a basket.

Cut the hessian sack into squares or leave as a whole sack if you wish.

Choose you first colour and using your prodder push the fabric through a fibre of the sack. Immediately next to that prod the fabric through the other side to leave you with two strips sticking up.

Continue adding colours etc until you are happy with the finished piece. If you wish to draw a design on to the sack first for you to follow in colour blocks etc that is also a good idea.

This is a great tactic activity and also a good conversation topic to talk about. No two pieces will be the same and also great to use up all your pieces of fabric.

You can use the sack as a rug, cushion or display piece.

Enjoy and have fun.

Watch this space for the Holme Manor rag rug pictures!!!!!

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Rag Rugging
A Month in Pictures

A Month in Pictures


Mobile Phone

This activity is so simple but effect for residents and staff.

Allow residents to take snap shots of what ever they wish (within reason) either inside or outside. They can take each other, an activity, a family member, care staff absolutely anything they wish.

Once you have a collection print them off in different sizes and if you wish you can mount them on card and add captions which the residents can help you with.

Place the photos on to your display board or the area you have available .

Thats all there is too it!! Keep adding over a period of three weeks and see what you have been up to.

Once you have finished with your display then place the photos in an album for residents and family members to see.

It will be a great visual resource but also a great conversation starter.

Enjoy !!!

May 2013

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A Month in Pictures A Month in Pictures
Knitted Easter Egg Bunting

Knitted Easter Egg Bunting

Wool various colours use up odds and ends
Needles Size 3.25 mm
Polystrene eggs/plastic eggs or stuffing
Crossgrain ribbon

Follow the pattern below:-

Row 1 cast on 11 stitches
row 2 Purl
Row 3 K2, (*M1, K1) 8 times, K1 (19 stitches)
Row 4 Purl
Row 5 - K2, (M1, K1) 16 times, K1 (35 stitches)
Row 6 Purl
Row 7 Knit
Row 8 Purl
Row 9 K3, M1, (K2, M1) 6 times, K3, M1 (K2, M1) 7 times K3 (50 stitches)
Row 10 Purl
Row 11 change yarn if you wish (12 rows) stocking stitch
Row 25 K3, K2tog, (K2, K2tog) 11 times, K1 (38 stitches)
Row 26 Purl
Row 27 K2, K2tog, (K1, K2tog) 11 times, K1 (26 stitches)
Row 28 Purl
Row 29 Knit
Row 30 Purl
Row 31 K1, (K2tog) 12 times, K1 (14 stitches)
Row 32 Purl

Thread threw last stitches and pull up and sew up seam. Stuff and stitch the end up.

Add ribbon and sew onto crossgrain ribbon or add to twigs for a decorative easter tree.

More pictures to come!!

April 2013

Valentine Hearts

Valentine Hearts

Material Needed

Old quilt covers, fabric, curtains
Sewing machine or needle and thread
wool or ribbon
stuffing - old pillows etc

Firstly draw a heart on to a piece of card and use as template. You can even search the internet for one to make it easier.

Cut the template out and lie flat on to your fabric that you are using.

Draw around the heart and then cut out two the same. To make it simpler make sure the fabric is doubled and then pin before cutting out.

Once cut out sew by hand or by machine leaving a 2 inch gap to fill with stuffing. Fill with stuffing and you can add essential oils or lavender etc. Once filled sew up by hand to ensure that the stuffing doesn't leak out.

Add some wool or ribbon to the middle of the heart to be able to hand up or over a handle etc.

You can sew lots of hearts onto cross grain ribbon and use a bunting.

Use different size hearts if you wish the choice is yours. Decorate with buttons, sequins or flowers.


January 2013

Mince Pies


Puff Pastry or Shortcrust
Various mincemeats
One beaten egg

1. Grease your baking tins or line a baking tray with baking paper.

2. Using a circular cutter cut out 20 circles.

3. Place these into your tray or place 10 on to the baking tray.

4. Place a teaspoon of mincemeat into the centre and then place a lid on the top.

5. Brush with a little beaten egg.

6. Place into the oven for 15/20 mins.

7. Dust with icing sugar and serve warm with a little brandy cream.


Merry Christmas

Christmas Decorations

You will need to purchase a variety of polyestyrene shapes for example:-


Tissue paper
Wrapping Paper
PVA glue

Firstly it will be better if you prep all of your materials . Cut up or rip the tissue paper and wrapping paper into small squares or large enough for the residents to pick up. Arrange this into bowls or plastic tubs.

Place some glue into a suitable container i.e. paper cup or ramekin dish.

Place a selection of sequins into a tub and along with some glitter into shakers or with a spoon.

Once all is prepared allow the resident to choose their shape and also the material they wish to cover the shape with.

Spread the glue and cover with the material of their choice. You may need to do this a few times to ensure that the shape is covered properly.

Once it is covered you can then add the sequins, wool and glitter or other decorative items i.e. xmas tress, stars, hearts.

Once dry paint again with another layer of glue to ensure that it all sticks and once dry with give a nice shine.

Hang on the tree or use to make bunting.

Pictures to follow!!!!

November 2012

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper
10 sheets of various colours
Pipe cleaner or string/wool

Lay the sheets of tissue paper on top of each other using the full size of the sheet. Allow 10 sheets at least.

Starting at one end fold over the paper by one inch continue in a concertina fashion all the way to the end.

Secure in the middle with the pipe cleaner or string/wool.

Cut a diagonal at each end of the tissue paper.

Start to bring the first layer of tissue paper towards you and continue with all sheets. Do this on the other side also.

Secure in the middle or add glitter etc and hang up to display your flower.

September 2012

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Giant Tissue Paper Flowers
Holiday Scrapbooks

Holiday Scrapbooks

Materials Needed:-

Holiday Brochures
Scrapbook or A5 pieces of coloured card
Precut flowers, hearts etc
Glue or sticky dots

Using a selection of holiday brochures as your residents about places they have visited either in England or abroad. Find relevant photos and get them to cut around them. Using the sticky dots or glue place these within the scrapbook or onto pieces of card. Do this for all your residents so that you have a wide range of pictures etc to look at.

Add further information if possible, i.e. names of places of interest, temperatures, names of hotels they may have stayed in.

Place in relaxing areas of your home so that they can read as and when they wish.

This is a great activity for reminiscing remember to add personal photographs if possible. Talk about holidays, the weather, the food, family etc.

August 2012

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Holiday Scrapbooks Holiday Scrapbooks
Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Whats needed:-

Wooden spoons
flower pots
tennis ball
tennis bat
skipping ropes
Fruit and refreshments

You will need to organise residents and staff into teams of 4/6

Pick a captain and a team name

Each activity will last one minute

1. Potato & spoon race
2. Flower power - though shuttlecocks into flower pots
3. Balloons
4. Baton relay
5. Balancing balls
6. Jump the rope

Each activity starts with the captain and the game starts when the whistle is blown.
To score a point the game must pass around the team and back to the captain. Count as you go.
Enter the score on to the score sheet.

Complete each activity.

Announce Tin, Bronze, Silver and Gold

Give medals or small gifts.

Enjoy the Olympic Games

July 2012

Table Flower Pots

Table Flower Pots

Selection of fresh flowers or if you prefer silk
Variety of coloured pots, plastic, terracota or glass jars

Firstly place the oasis brick into a washing up bowl and fill with water so that it can soak for at least half an hour.

Then cut the stems shorter on all the flowers and remove the leaves. Place these in a bowl or onto a table covered with plastic.

Place a hand full of pebbles into your chosen pots. This will help weigh them down.

Cut the oasis to cover the pebbles and then start to add your flowers. Push them down so that you dont see the oasis. Arrange how you wish trying to make use a mix of colours.

Place them on the centre of the tables and water the oasis daily.

June 2012

Mystic Tubs and Pots

Mystic Tubs and Pots

Clear pots, tubes, boxes etc
various items of interest:-
ping pong balls
shuttle cocks
bottle tops
super glue

Wash and remove any labels still on the pots etc. When dry fill them with an interesting object from the list above or your own. Try and tailor make the objects to residents interests and hobbies. Glue the lid firming shut so the items cannot be removed.

Place on a table or in a rummage bag or box. These will be useful aids for stimulating residents, starting conversations in small groups and also good for visitors to look at.


April 2012

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Mystic Tubs and Pots
Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper
Paper cup

Cover the top of the cup with the tinfoil and place a thin layer of glue onto it. Using tissue paper cut into strips place around the top of the cup . Add another layer of glue and add more tissue paper until you get 4/5 layers. Add a layer of card board petals and then add two more layers of tissue paper. The card board petals allow the flower to stand proud.
Turn the cup the right way up and remove the tinfoil. Add a layer of glue and sprinkle in the sequins.

Place back on the cup to allow to dry add a circle of card to seal in all the tissue paper.

Once dry push through a stick or a twig and place in a vase for decoration.


Heres one we made earlier


Valentine's Hearts & Boxes


Rip tissue paper into strips or cut into squares/strips. Place in a bowl.
Place the glue in a suitable container and use a paint brush or spreader to spread the glue.
Draw different size hearts on to card.
Cover the area you are working at.
Add a little glue to the heart and then add strips of tissue paper to cover the hearts. You can also screw them into little balls and place inside the heart. Use red for the inside and then do the outline in either glitter paint/glue or white tissue paper.

Leave them to dry. Cut out and place on a card or use as a display.

Using the ready made paper maiche boxes again layer a little glue and cover with tissue pieces. Leave to dry and repeat until you have a nice covering. Place tissue paper inside and add your chocolate or sweets.

Tie up with ribbon and a handmade gift tag with your message. A wonderful gift for your loved one.

February 2011

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Valentine's Valentine's


Foam squares
Mirrored card

Choose two colours of foam and keep one whole and cut the other into a frame so that the other colour shows through.

Cut a piece of mirrored card to fit the gap and then glue this in place.

Now glue both pieces together and place a piece of ribbon between before ensuring that are pushed together.

Now decorate to your liking. Use feathers, sequins, flowers etc until you are happy with the finished product.

Hang in your bedroom


Wellie Walk

Wellie Walk

On Sunday morning 30th October we arrived at Clowbridge Reservoir at 10 am for the Rossendale Hospice Wellie Walk.

Ryan, family and friends had sponsored my family to take part in the mile and half walk to raise money for the Hospice.

The weather was kind to us and their were a number of other families taking part as the event was being held from 10 am to 2 pm. Two walks were also available one being one mile and a half the other just short of four miles.

We had our wellies on which the hospice had purchased as part of the sponsorship money.

It was lovely to be out and about and felt good to come to back to a sausage sandwich!!!

In total we raised £60. Thank you to all that sponsored me!!

1st Novembr 2011

Additional Image(s)

Wellie Walk

Shopping Bag

This is a very simple but effective activity that the lady's will enjoy!!! A fab present for anyone and also very useful to have in your car.

Calico Bag - Hobbycraft 99p
Self adhesive shapes i.e. flowers, butterflies, dragonflies
Fabric Paint

You can do this two ways.
Spread out your calico bag and using the foam shapes place them onto the bag in your design choice. Once you are happy with it remove the backing and add a little glue and place down. The glue will help keep it in place on those shopping trips. Once you have done one side turn over and repeat the process. Thats is one shopping bag ready to go!!!

This method takes a little longer. Using your stencil place onto the bag and use a little paint to imprint the picture onto the bag. You can layer colours if you wish. Do this until the bag is how you want on one side. You will need to leave to dry for an hour or two. Then turn over and repeat. The effect is wonderful and unique too. Experiment with fruit printing or potato printing.

A great activity full of fun and a wonderful bag to use at the end.

3rd October 2011

Marbling Pictures


Coloured Sheets
Various size of Marbles
Baking Sheet & Tin

Place a coloured sheet of paper to fit your tin or tray. Squirt a small amount of each colour of paint onto the sheet. Add a mix of marbles to the tin. Roll in different directions to make a pattern.

Once completed add glitter to the picture.

You can back these for a display or cut them into a shape to make a tree, flower, peacock or a firework display.

Each picture will be unique.

September 2011

Paint by Numbers

A wonderful activity for all ages. Draw or print your own picture. You can use any subject you like i.e. animals, houses, flowers the options are endless. The websites also have a fantastic choice if you don't want to draw your own.

Once you have your picture it is then the time to divide up the picture into the colours you wish to use. Number your colours and write this on the picture in pencil and use this as your guide.

Its a simple as that you can make it very simple by only using 4 colours or use 7/8 to get a fantastic effect. If possible sprinkle glitter on to make the picture sparkle.

Hope you enjoy this activity.

August 2011

Copperfoil Art

This is an excellent activity to do as it is a lovely skill and is a nice quite to allow you to talk to your resident/child whilst working on the picture.

The pictures come in many sizes and pictures from animals, houses, fairies and landscapes. They also an be purchased from many outlets, i.e. poundshops, specialist arts shops and even the local supermarket or shop.

One of our residents does this on a weekly basis and really enjoys the task and has such patience to ensure a fabulous finished piece.

Try one for yourself and you will be amazed at the results.

July 2011

Rummage Bag or Box - June

This can be a wonderful activity for everyone to join in with.

You need a sturdy box or a large bag to place your items in.

You can then begin to fill them with themed items or just everyday objects.

Themed items, postcards, shells, spade, seaweed, photos etc.

Everyday objects, duster, sponges, feathers, books, letter, photos, nail brush.

Let each resident choose an item and talk about their memories, thoughts and feelings. This is a great activity for a small group to be involved as it will help with communication skills and also be lots of fun.

In the background you could play some gently music and maybe bring out refreshments at the end of the session.

See how it goes!!

May Activity - Planting Herbs

Herb Planter

You will need any sort of pot, tub, container that you already have. These maybe from previous years or bought new. An old plastic container, sink, box, wine box, anything you have will do.

You will need to pick the variety of herbs you wish to use i.e. basil, thyme, lemon grass, mint you decided what you will use. You will need to be careful as mint grows very fast and will take over other herbs so this maybe best in a single pot.

Once you have your seeds or herb plant you need to fill you container with a few rocks, stones etc at the bottom for drainage and then fill with compost. May a hole larger enough for a plant or us your finger to push the compost down to let you plant your seeds.

Space them out well and then push the compost over the top to cover the seeds. Water well.

Thats it. Watch them grow. They need plenty of water and you can pick the herbs and freeze in ice cube trays if you need and they melt straight into you food.

Come to the manor to see our wonderful herb garden.

7th May 2011

Easter Bingo

1. Make sure to print onto card

2. Print as many designs as you need. Each person playing should have a different design.

3. Print the "Call Card" and cut out the different pictures. Use these to "call" as you would with numbers. But instead of a number, describe/show the picture to the players.

4. Have players use cut out coloured circles for markers.

Print all easter cards below. Have fun. Have a prize for each player. Small easter eggs in a basket would be lovely

Call Card

easter card 1
easter card 2
easter card 3

easter card 4
easter card 5
easter card 6
Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day Flowers

Photo/or cut out picture
Coloured or plain card
Tissue paper
Garden sticks or pipe cleaners
Cut out pieces of fabric
Flower template

Using the flower template cut out and draw around on the card of your choice and cut out giving you the flower shape. Do this as many times as you need. Take your photo of your choice i.e. face, flower, bird or using one from a magazine or from the internet. Cut this to size and place in the centre of the flower. Glue down. Using the petals as your guide fill each petal with tissue paper, fabric buttons, ribbon or anything you find lying around. Make sure that you fill all the petals so you see none of the card underneath. Try making each petal different which gives is texture and a lovely look. When you are happy with your design allow to dry for a couple of hours. When dry attach a garden stick or pipe cleaner to the pack of the flower for the stem and place in flower pots or hand on the wall for a wonderful bright decoration. You can change the picture in the centre when you wish just by adding more glue on the top and hey presto!!


Valentines Collage Hearts

Valentines Collage Hearts

Materials needed:
Red/white or black card cut into heart shapes of different sizes
Red material scraps/felt cut into pieces
Red paper cut into pieces
Red feathers
Red glitter
Red string or raffia
Heart shapes punched from a cutter or cut by hand
Hole punch

Place all the different materials in different tubs allowing easy access i.e. Tupperware or plastic bowls

Pick a heart shape of any colour and place a little glue on the heart and then choose an item to place on top. Keeping adding to the hear until it is completely covered ensure that the heart shape is seen. Any stray pieces can be cut off with scissor. When you have 3 or 4 hearts decorated punch a hole in the top and the bottom and attach the string or raffia to make a mobile out of the hearts which can then be placed in a window or on the ceiling for a lovely display idea.
Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

1 Box of Cheerios
Yoghurt pots or Seed pots

Cut 3 lengths of string approx 12” long and tie a knot in one end.

Thread the cheerios down the string leaving enough space to push through the top of the pot. Punch holes in the top of the yoghurt/seed pot and tie a knot to secure the cheerio strings. Punch two holes in the side and use a piece of string to make a hanger for the feeder. Hang outside and watch what happens!

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