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  • Serving the community of Rossendale since 1992
  • Set in peaceful, picturesque countryside
  • Family run & pet friendly
  • Freshly prepared food - special and diabetic diets
  • Full-time staff training officer
  • Regular entertainment
  • Activities co-ordinator

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Why Use Holme Manor Care Centre?

Holme Manor Care Centre is a combination of services which are operated by local couple Ann and Ryan Godwin, both of whom have lived in Rossendale for many years, they are committed to giving an excellent level of care to those who require that service.

This service incorporates a residential care home, established for 30 years in the hamlet of Townsend Fold, Holme Manor which was converted from an ancient farm originally owned by the Townsend family. The Manor dates back over two hundred years and can accommodate 32 residents, we are registered for older people or those who may be suffering from a dementia. Also Ann and Ryan own and operate Homecare Services which is a domiciliary care agency (established in 1992) whose aim is to keep a person living independently and well for as long as possible.

Anyone can ring Ryan at anytime to discuss their individual needs with him (07814 148328), we welcome any visitors to the Manor or our bespoke Homecare Services office which is situated in Waterfoot, up Burnley Road East toward Mill End and the bottom of Booth Road. We can and do build packages of care around the individuals who use our services, we are small enough to care which sets us very much apart from other national concerns we are fully in tune with the Prime Ministers idea of a big society, we are a small local company, family run involved very much with the community where we live, we know and care about our customers.

If you deal with us we can fulfil a whole range of care needs from being cared for at home, to being cared for on a short term basis within the care home, we do day care, holiday care, respite care and convalescent care, say to facilitate a discharge from hospital. We do 24 hour care in the community and our homecarers are all committed to getting the very best outcomes for their clients.

One great advantage to the service is that you can deal with us during the whole of someone's lifetime and there is a great advantage to not having to constantly chop and change providers. Upon application we undertake a comprehensive review of a persons needs and build this into a complete assessment of needs which is fully discussed with the individual, their family, friends and other health care professionals.

We will happily supply anyone with any amount of evidence from our customers, past or present about the service we provide and the efforts we make to ensure that everyone has the very best outcome possible. We have been for very many years preferred providers of care to Lancashire County Council.

Should anyone wish any trial period using our services, we are very happy to undertake that trial completely free of charge and with no obligation whatsoever, we do our best to take the stress out of what can be and sometimes is a very difficult time for all families, our experience can help to give support at much needed times. All our staff are fully trained and CRB checked.

Because of our facilities we can offer seamless transition from your own home into our residential home which can become your home and a part of our family, cared for and safe, all needs fully met.


Residents are encouraged to exersize their rights, to make their own decisions and to undertake their own affairs, to vote for example


In how a person may wish to dress, any choice is vital to giving a feeling of well being and control essential for esteem and individuality


Everyone should be afforded privacy and this is recognised by knocking on doors before entering a room, not discussing residents affairs in any innapropriate way, not disclosing details which are private to the individual


Ensuring that for example one's apparel is correctly and decorously adjusted to avoid immodest or innapropriate display. Ensuring that a person is given the correct assistance with keeping their clothes in an orderly and hygeinic manner


This is an attitude which must never be overlooked especially when dealing with a generation for whom this means a very great deal, deference must be shown through manner of address, extending common manners and not treating a person any differently because they may be challenged by illness or age for example.


Encouraging and allowing the person the time to do things for themselves wherever this is possible, avoiding the sometimes natural urge we may have to do something for someone which may be denying them the right to exersize that independence and ultimately render them unable to act independently as a result which especially with any mobility can have disasterous results

At Holme Manor we recognise that is is essential to ensure that whilst a person (perhaps vulnerable) is receiving care their basic human rights and values are preserved and upheld at all times.

It is our main objective and aim to make sure that wherever possible this happens. These principles are always our guide in care and everyone here is given guidance and training to ensure that we deliver them at all times.

The values are Indiduality and identity: Everyone is treated according to their preferences, understanding that we are all different and maintaining identity is essential in person centred care

To mark muriels 99th birthday we are attaching a copy of the Newchurch Unitarian Centennary booklet 1906 and copy of poem dedicated to Percy Horsfield of Booth - click here to download Centenary Bazaar (36MB)

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