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Holme Manor News

Holme Manor News

Well it has been a wonderful few months down at Holme Manor not sure our feet have touched the ground.

We have really been enjoying Silvershed at Tor View every Monday morning and our residents have been loving the trip out and the themes i.e. Scotland, holidays, Autumn, Ireland, Christmas to mention a few. I know that it has been a huge success and we are looking forward to starting back on the 9th January. Staff have also been accompanying the trip and have had great fun watching our residents be engaged, meeting new friends and making special memories.

Activities really not sure where to start but it has been so busy making all manner of things from new door signs, to wreaths, Christmas cards, displays, birds, mosaics and plenty of other things. We have used a mountain of glue, craft items but really enjoyed every minute. Lets see what January brings in the way of activities. We already have singers booked for May and July!!!

We have sadly lost some special friends and they will be missed at this time but the families know that they can call in anytime. Our new residents are settling in and making new friends and getting use to all the hustle and bustle of Manor life. Our family members are really support us in all our activities and requests so a huge thank you to you too as your support is valuable.

Our Christmas Extravaganza was amazing a wonderful turn out that we really do need expandable sides. A fantastic team effort to ensure that the day went smoothly and that everyone had a good time. I think the pictures and conversations today tells it all. The Christmas games went down a treat as usual with three lucky winners and staff getting involved also. Our raffle was superb and lots and lots prizes so thank you for your kind donations.

We had the All Saints School Choir in this morning and that was just wonderful to listen to them and how their songs really brought back some lovely memories for us all. The refreshments went down a treat and we look forward to seeing them next year.

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Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News Holme Manor News

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