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I don't know where to start really it has been another busy month and the weather has been ver very cold for us so lets hope now May is here that things will start to warm us all up.

Our new display is a month in pictures. We have had some fun taking the photos and it causing a bit of a stir in the Manor as residents and staff are trying to find the pictures that include them. Not always a good thing!!!

It has proved a good choice and once the display comes down in the middle of May to make way for our Music display, I will ensure that the photos get added to residents room plates or added into an on going photo album that I am starting. This will be really good for us to show you when you visit.

Myself and Matthew have now become a Dementia Friends and that was on 18th April in Dobcross - Saddleworth Moor. We completed our training session and are now proudly wearing our badges with pride. We also had to make one pledge on the Dementia Friends website My pledge is to always wear my badge and plan and run a session for the Activity Forum that takes place once a month. Hopefully Helen will also attend the forum over the next few months to spread the good work and also make all the attending activity co-ordinators Dementia Friends also. Helen Cross who ran our session also visited the Manor yesterday to see the good work we do with activities and also our carers. We had a lovely lunch cooked by Trish and then we visited the newly set up Dementia Choir at St Mary's Chambers is Rawtenstall.

The choirs is run by Janet Swan and it has been running for 7 weeks now. Anyone can attend with a family member or a resident with a carer it really is very a lovely calming atmosphere and very informal.

There was over 18 people in attendence and a good mix of ladies and gentlemen. We sang an introductory song and then al least 8 others during the session. Refreshments were served and it was wonderful.

The group meets every Wednesday 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm. You can attend as many times as you like it is not about coming every week only when you can make it. Definately give it a go.

We must also welcome our new residents and not forgetting Jack the dog who is a big hit with everyone. He has settled in very well with his owner and is being spoilt rotten. It is also sad to say that we have lost one of our ladies last week and she will be greatly missed by everyone at the Manor. Our thoughts are with her family at the time.

Peter the accordion man came on Tuesday 30th April and we had a wonderful afternoon of songs and Ryan was a wonderful addition to the group. Thanks Ryan you were a star. Thank you also for the family members who as usual attended and made our afternoon special.

I must not forget our Bingo afternoon also that went down a treat with all of us having a great time and plenty of prizes given out also. I will keep you informed when we next plan an afternoon of eyes down for a full house!!!!

Lastly I have attended a music course to help with our residents in daily living tasks etc. I will give you details over the next few weeks and may need to pick your brains for music ideas for your family member so that we can organise a bank of music for us all to enjoy at different times of the day and also in different ways. More information to follow.

Thank you once again for all your support we could not do it without you. Also if you have an ideas for activities etc please leave details with the office.


May 2013

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Holme Manor News Holme Manor News

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