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January News from The Manor

January News from The Manor

It has been a busy few weeks already at the Manor and we are planning ahead for our activities in February also.

Our new display is of shopping in the sales and getting all those bargains. It has been great asking residents where they did their clothes shopping and my word things have changed. Most of our ladies shopped at little boutique shops in the town they lived in i.e. Rawtenstall or Waterfoot. They didn't travel for miles or go to big centres or even shop online. They use to know the shop owners by name and purchase clothes for the seasons and also make their own.

We also have a few nice nibbles this week with our afternoon tea. Wednesday we had Waggon Wheels and this definately brought back lots of memories for residents. One gentleman said it didn't last very long and he remembers eating them as a child and he is 97!!!!

On Thursday we had hot chocolate and toffee popcorn. This went down a treat and everyone enjoyed it. just like the good old days.

We are hoping to make jam and lemon curd tarts on Wednesday so if you pop in you can have one with a cuppa.

Ryan and Matthew attended a reception at the Aldridge Community Academy in Darwen, they were invited by Brigadier N O Fitzgerald MBE, the aim of which was to promote greater awareness and understanding of the Army, the presentation was given by the Army Engagement Team, they were told about the work the Army
do in the Community about issues demobilised soldiers faced and the on going situation as to the future of the Army and our
International role as peacekeepers and so forth.

In Rossendale there is The Rossendale Covenant which was signed last year which is a pact of understanding between the community, its leaders and the Army, I did express an interest in getting involved with the Veterans in Communities group and have contacted Barry Payton to see what we can do and maybe get involved and help those service women and men who have fought to keep us safe.

This was a very interesting evening and we will keep you posted on any outcomes.

Dates for your diary:-

14th February 1.30 pm - 2.45 pm Barry with be singing for Valentines day

19th February 1.30 - 2.45 pm Peter with his Accordion

19th March 1.30 pm - 2.45 pm Peter with his Accordion

Many thanks for your continued support.

Paula January 2013

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