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Environment Changes to the Manor

Environment Changes to the Manor

As you may have seen when you have recently visited the Manor that a few changes are happening.

We now have a wonderful display board which will change on a monthly basis with different topics as we work through the year. Currently we are proudly displaying the Diamond Jubilee which is a wonderful event for us all to get excited about.

The corridors and lounge areas have also been named to reflect local streets which will hopefully help residents with memories of old.

New name plates are also in place now which will start to be personalised over the next month and we would you to be involved. If you have any picture or postcard that you would like to see on your family members board please leave it in the office for me.

A board also giving out information re: day, date and weather, menu, birthdays and other interesting information is now situated in the conservatory. Staff profiles will also be added to help anyone visiting the Manor quickly identify the member of staff they may need.

Any recommendations you may have please pass them onto the office and we will do our best .

Many thanks


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Environment Changes to the Manor Environment Changes to the Manor

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