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Happy Birthday Celebrations!!!

It was a wonderful day when Muriel one of our residents celebrated her 97th Birthday on the 21st September 2011.

Muriel was very excited the day before and kept asking the time and day trying to rush the hours away.

It was a quiet morning with some lovely cards and birthday wishes but come the afternoon the party began.

Staff and friends presented Muriel with a wonderful birthday cake in the shape of a hymn book and she received cards and presents galore. The room was decorated with balloons, banners and streamers to celebrate a wonderful occasion.

Muriel wishes to thank her friends in fellowship and everybody at Padiham for their great kindness keeping her in touch and for their generous gifts on her 97th birthday.

She had a lovely day very special because everyone came to see her, Sheilah, Helga, Jeff, she had cards from Australia and so many jaffa cakes that she is now going to have to live to be 98 to eat them all, she keeps us all in order and when someone mentions religion she perks up and says that she is a Unitarian and always will be and doesn't hold with all this happy clappy view of church services.

She always reminds me that when they had the Sunday School Anniversary at Newchurch there was walking through the area followed by a field day, then they had coffee and buns. After this a service and every year they sang the day thou gavest (Lord is ended) and one year they sang something else and everyone went crazy!

All that is a long time ago but Muriel remembers the old Unitarians and is very proud of their tradition, she enjoys watching the TV and says to me what is happening next?

Muriel keeps us all in our place and no messing, so many thanks for keeping her in the loop and Mavis, sending the newsletters and church calendars.

Muriel had a visit from Julie her carer and enjoyed her special day, she would write to you all if she were able but it is a big effort for her and so we will be grateful if you will accept this message in place of a more formal arrangement

and all the staff at the Manor

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